About me

Producer / Writer / Director
Los Angeles based


As of summer 2018, I'm pitching a television series set in the 1960s folk/rock/blues scene and civil rights movement, which I've been developing for several years. At its core, this story is about how one guy’s ambition for fame transforms pop culture and defines “coolness” for the next half-century. It’s Reed Morano and Tarantino’s child, raised by grandpa Scorsese on a steady diet of Miles Davis and Rolling Stones. 60s trendsetters populate our show and a larger-than-life luminary is our whirlwind guide. Coolness is suddenly of the highest virtue and quickly becoming commoditized. Bob Dylan weaponizes it through poetry and music, but first our hero plants the seeds. He has that James Dean mystique, an acute sense of cool, mixed with the energy of Chuck Berry. Similar to Dean, he lives fast and dies young – thrown off a motorcycle two days after his first novel is published and just as his music career is taking off. This is the true story our show is based on, which I've purchased the rights to adapt for film and TV.

This portfolio contains just some of the projects I'm proud to have been a part of. Please contact me for a full list.

In addition to production work, I was the Marketing Associate and Office Manager at the distributors Lorber Films, Kino Lorber, and Alive Mind in New York City. I was a Staff Writer and Production Coordinator for NBC News out of San Diego. I worked as Producer’s Apprentice for BBC TV in London on a weekly show about the science and history of food. While earning my BFA at NYU, I learned about development, packaging, and sales by interning at Cinetic Media and The Weinstein Company.

Surfing clean waves on sunny days is my church.